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Your Labs Are Normal 

johnnypuetz Production/ Jean Pierre Kathoefer Dir.


​When Rhisa, an otherwise healthy woman in her 20s, falls ill with debilitating headaches, fatigue, and chronic pain, she and her loved ones search New York for a diagnosis. Even as Rhisa’s health deteriorates, doctors insist that her lab tests don’t indicate illness. Wracked with pain and dismissed by healthcare professionals, she falls into despair until a chance encounter with a nurse finally gives Rhisa her answer: for years, she’s been suffering from undiagnosed Lyme disease.

Echoes Of A Winter Sunshine on STARZ until Feb 2021!!! 


Waking Nightmare: Help

Sassy Mare Production/ Justin Moriarty Dir.

Waking Nightmare is an anthology series chronicling real stories of people’s experiences with sleep paralysis. Each episode retells a different, separate nightmare.

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"Favorite out of the series so far! Think this scene is put together the best and creates the most unsettling feeling for me and I love it!"

- Insid  (Youtube Reactor/ Streamer)

"Truly unsettling and love how the tension builds. Great job!"

- The Metal teddy Bear Experience         podcast

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Echoes of a Winter Sunshine

Abeng Studio/ Oniffe White Dir.

now on Amazon Prime

Winner of Honorarium from Welcome Table Press

The story of a brother and sister depending on each other as they navigate the changing landscape of Harlem while trying to survive. This story provides an inside look on the everyday life of poor America, a story often overlooked. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to play Ashwood. A sixteen year old girl who lives in Harlem with her nine year old brother. Recently homeless she finds the strength and perseverance to continue to provide and protect for her brother  in the face of insurmountable difficulty.

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"So if you believe anything my husband says, I'm known to shed a few tears when it comes to emotional scenes.... However, the silence of the film only intensified those final tears shed by the star of this film. I felt every emotion as if I was experiencing it in real life next... Impeccable job by the actors!!! Definitely worth a watch."

- Jaime John

5.0 out of 5 stars Bring your tissue and open your heart to society's reality.

Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2019

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"Oh my gosh this film was AMAZING! I was so stuck the whole time because my Husband always says ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS and thats the best way to describe this film. I felt connected to all the emotions flowing from the characters. This would be great to turn into a longer movie for sure this was VERY creative. I think the best part was the ending seeing as the boy was so much younger but he stayed so positive through everything they were going through and showed a real grown up side being there for his older sister just as much as shes there for him. It shows a valuable lesson and I honestly loved the whole thing."

- Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Amazing!I loved this.

Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2019

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"So much was communicated with so little words. So many layers. The themes tie us together in a way that reminds us of how vulnerable any of us can become. This is a real Humans of New York story; one that is the reality for too many. Great film!"

- S.Bent

5.0 out of 5 stars When life imitates art

Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2019

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nun habit poster.webp

Nun Habits

Soul Series Production



April, a high school senior discovering her sexuality, befriends a bisexual nun, Sister Cecilia. Together, they go on a journey to discover where they fit into traditional Catholic teaching.

Check out this new web series written and produced by Monica Aresnault where I will directing episode two and five and playing the shy Sister Faustina

Nun habits web series coming soon. Click here to see trailer.

Poster design by Emma Asher

Hype Man

Flea Theater/ New York, NYC

HYPE MAN: a break beat play we meet Verb, a young black man who hypes the crowd and Pinnacle, a white front man who writes and rhymes. They’ve been best buddies since they were kids, growing up together on the same mean streets. Now, with the addition of Peep One, a mixed- race, female beat maker, the trio is about to make it big as America’s next hip hop crew. But the shooting of an unarmed black man in their hometown throws them off their beat. Their friendship is tested. Their moral compass is challenged. HYPE MAN immerses audiences in a chilling conversation amongst the beats and rhymes of pulsating hip hop.

Hype man.webp

DIR. Sontenish Myers

Mama delves into the theme of extreme lost and sisterhood as four enslaved women gather in the kitchen and share stories of the last time they saw their mothers. Set in 1800's Jim Crow South. 
I played Helen. A young woman who has not spoken since her violent attack by the mistress of the plantation.


Charles Gorshman’s introduces his MFA Thesis Project, a play called QUIK-MART. 
His play explores themes that deals with immigration, climate change, and family dynamics. I will be reading the part of Pania on May 9th at the Rita and Burton Goldberg Theater at NYU Tish School of the Arts.


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